2024 End-of-Season Celebration

With the tumultuous season we’ve had this year, we had a LOT of celebrating to catch up on at our end-of-season celebration.

Conference Team Results

North Conference

  1. North Texas Composite – 6267 
  2. Amarillo Interscholastic Composite – 6123
  3. Midway High School – 6113

South Conference

  1. Lake Travis High School – 6492
  2. Houston Composite – 6388
  3. Bulldog High School – 6270

Conference Individual Results

North Conference

South Conference

A full list of conference standings can be found on Race Results in the dropdown labeled “Series Overall”.

GRiT Recognition

GRiT Coordinators: Maegan Fitzgerald and Meredith Hill

Junior Ambassadors

Ava Tibbits
Elizabeth Williams
Jocelyn Jenkins
Josephine Mack
Julia Gatke
Juna Ward
Lydia Smith
Macy Mcelroy
Nora Nolan
Ru HeinsShelbi Kinnison


Abby Mack
Amelia Armstrong
Arely Benavides
Aria Koberg
Calleigh Martin
Elizabeth Kerr
Hannah McRorie
Indie Whitaker
Isabella Taylor
Josephina Palazola
Josie Cowan
Kaleah Duggan
Lily Osborne
Madison Lee
Madelyn Hill
Mary Bahrami


Alecia Taylor
Carolyn Hodo
Connie MacDougald
Dawn Bosland
Jenn Loy
Jennifer Walker
JJ Cawelti
Julie Hamsa
Kim Topp
Maegan Fitzgerald
Meredith Hill
Sarah Padilla
Suzanne Johnson
Tressa Strickland
Vanessa Gibson
Yessenia Benavides

Student Advisory Cabinet

Quinn Modrzejewski
Andrew Bosland
Alex Keeling
Willow Kutach
Nathaniel Hale
Blake Keeling
Noah Loy
Maddox Conner
Joshua Frandsen
Elizabeth Kerr
Oliver Krey
Jackson Purtle
Jack White
Amelia Armstrong
Katen Fredin
Calleigh Martin
Thomas Myers
Chase Newberry

The Student Advisory Cabinet is a collaborative, engaged and diverse group of current student athletes who are ready to take on a leadership role and advise league leadership on the students’ perspective. Cabinet members will help shape the future of the League, advise on timely issues and advocate for the best interests of all students.  

10-year Coaches

Amy Tutoki (San Marcos)

(not to be confused with Annie…)

Amy Tutoki’s started coaching with the College Station team 10 years ago when her son Daniel (aka Danimal by his teammates) joined the team. When her son graduated high school, Amy moved to San Marcos where she has continued ever since. Amy helped launch the GRiT program in Texas and continues to support the league beyond coaching by serving on the race and venue committee and as a coach supporter. She is a shining example of leadership by example with her patience, thoughtfulness and dedication to getting more kids on bikes.

David Worley (College Station)

David Worley has had two sons, Daniel and Ben who have participated in the league over his 10 years of coaching. He is known for having the NICA handbook memorized from cover to cover and for his legendary “Coaches breakfast” on race weekends. The team’s “coaches breakfast” starts cooking by 6:30 a.m. and is a sweet potato hash cooked up in a cast iron skillet. Another skillet has crispy bacon going and of course one more pan for scrambled eggs. On another grill, tortilla shells are getting warmed up. The recipe has been passed down to newer coaches so the tradition can carry on when David can’t make it to races!

Volunteer Awards

Top Volunteer Team Award

South Metro Cyclones

Top Volunteers

Loren Baxter
Joe Catalano
Madelyn Hill

Top Marshalls

Collin Hill
Lynnette Wood
Jeffrey Lynn


Rudy Ruedas
Bob Stallman

Teen Trail Corps Awards

Top Athletes

Noah Loy, Hays Co – 25.25
Jude Loy, Hays Co – 17.75
Levi Hays, LT – 17.5
Maddox Conner, HOT – 16.5
Logan Petkovsek, NTX – 16
Isaac Might, LT – 13
Gavin Stubbings, Steiner Ranch – 12
Dylan Alvarez, LT – 10
Noah Lail, Hays Co – 10

Top Teams

College Station,
Boerne 9ers
Azle Composite

Winning Team

Azle Composite

Team Sportsmanship Award

Nominated Teams

East Texas
North Texas
Steiner Ranch

Winning Team

Steiner Ranch


Congratulations to our seniors and best wishes as you embark on your next adventure.