Loaner Bike Program

Texas Loaner Bike Program -

No Bike? No Problem!

Introducing the TX NICA Loaner and Try-It-Out Bike Program

The Loaner and Try-It-Out Program supports the Mission, Vision, and Values of NICA by empowering more youth to participate in our cycling community. We want to ensure every kid who wants to ride gets to ride.

The goal of the Program is to help eliminate barriers to entry by providing equipment to new and potential student-athletes (and sometimes even coaches!) for the current race season. The fleet of bikes can also be used as a recruiting tool for hosting bike field trips, bike rodeos, and try-it-out rides.

The Loaner and Try-It-Out Bike Program has been made possible by a generous grant from the Monat Gratitude Foundation and through NICA retail partners Trek, Unified Bike Company, Velocirax, and Squirt Cycling Products.

Monat Gratitude

Program guidelines

Coach Responsibilities

Head coaches and team directors can submit requests for loaner bikes for individual riders, or to use the fleet for a recruiting event. These leaders will be responsible for the loaned bikes and equipment. Coaches have direct contact with our students and understand the unique circumstances of their riders. They are also the most capable of sizing, adjusting, and maintaining equipment.

Coaches may also be asked to track equipment usage (Strava miles or hours, for example) to better facilitate maintenance, report impact to sponsors, or make program improvements.

Equipment Usage

Bikes and related equipment are typically loaned for an entire (or remainder of the current) season. Special accommodations can be considered for other circumstances, such as team events or a potential new student-athlete who is interested in trying out a team practice before committing to a race season. Logistics, scheduling, and equipment availability will be determining factors in these cases.

Bikes and related equipment should be returned at the end of the season in similar condition minus regular wear from normal use. Chain maintenance, bike washing, and flat repairs are the responsibility of the rider or team coach. Repairs resulting from broken parts or crashes will be handled on a case-by-case basis in coordination with the Program Coordinator.

Student-Athlete Responsibilities

Student-athletes and coaches with loaned equipment must be practice-ready in PitZone or use the one-time waiver.

Loaned equipment is only to be used at official NICA events and team practices.

Helmets will be issued as needed and must be worn at all times while on the loaner bike.