Leader Summit Resources

Season XIII Presented by Trek

Thanks for attending the Season XIII Leader Summit! We know it is a lot of information to soak in, so we’ve compiled our resources in a single place for you to review and share.

Our Favorite Coach Resources

We’re here to help you navigate the process of coaching a team—here are a few of our favorite resources.

Skill Training

Leader Summit CEUs should be updated in PItZone. If you have questions about credits you may not be seeing, contact the league at info@texasmtb.org

OTB 101

Did you complete your 101 training? Keep your eyes on Pit Zone for your status to be updated.

Missed OTB? No worries! We’ll be posting additional trainings to our home page as they become available.

NICA First Aid

Did you complete your NICA First Aid training? Keep your eyes on Pit Zone for your status to be updated. Additional trainings may be offered throughout the season. Some larger teams coordinate NICA first aid training to come to them.

Inside Sessions – League Overview and Updates

The Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League proudly announces our bold plans for Season XIII, presented by Trek. In 2024, you can expect the same great experience, now with two dynamic conferences: North and South. In this next chapter of our journey, student-athletes will enjoy the camaraderie and competition they have grown to expect, but with activities closer to home.

Season XIII

This season will feature a total of seven races. Each conference will race in four regular-season races and the final championship race. The series will include a combination of single conference races and two joint conference races followed by a winner-takes-all State Championship.

Save The Dates

9.15.23 – Coach and Team Registration Opens

10.15.23 – Athlete Registration Opens

11.1.23 – Season Officially Begins

Working with NICA Students

Presented by: JJ Cawelti and Tim Hay

Working with NICA Student Athletes.pdf by JJ Cawelti

Coach Philosophy Workshop

Presented by: JJ Cawelti and Kim Topp

Texas 2023 – Coach Philosophy Workshop by Kim Topp

Establishing a Positive Team Culture

Presented by: Dawn Bosland and Kim Topp

Texas – Positive Team Culture Presentation by Kim Topp

NICA Handbook

Presented by: JJ Cawelti and JC Crow

4 – NICA Leaders’ Summit_ NICA Handbook & Promoting Positive Behaviors.pdf by JJ Cawelti

Safety and Risk Management

Presented by: Robert Wessels and Kim Topp

Texas – Safety and Risk Management Presentation by Kim Topp

Coaching and Managing NICA Teams

Presented by: Annie Tutoki and Kim Topp

Texas 2023 – Coaching & Managing NICA Teams.pdf by Kim Topp

Templates & resources exist for many team planning/management tools. Coaches should access NICA’s Coach Education center by logging into Pit Zone, selecting the “COURSES, RESOURCES, & BENEFITS” button, and searching via the coach resource library link.

New Staging Process for Season XIII

This year for staging, all athletes will be required to have their call-up number written on their arm.

Our staging assistants will call the athlete’s call-up number rather than their race-plate number this year. This will allow students to better organize themselves in pre-staging and be more prepared when their number is about to be called.

START LINE by Kim Topp

The best way to learn is through practice!

Outside Sessions


Presented by: Meredith Hill and Maegan Fitzgerald

About GRiT

GRiT Texas is an outreach program of the Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League, focused on recruiting and retaining female athletes, coaches, ride leaders and volunteers.

To promote GRiT, develop leaders, and #getmoregirlsonbikes, we have three GRiT leadership roles:

  • GRiT Coach: NICA coaches interested in being GRiT leaders on their team, in their regions, and at the league-level
  • GRiT Ambassador: high school student-athletes
  • GRiT Junior Ambassador: middle-school student-athletes

Upcoming GRiT Events

GRiT applications closed

GRiT Leadership Applications Open

The GRiT Leadership team is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and have an awesome time riding bikes and hanging out together. As part of this leadership development and making GRiT awesome. Applications are due November 4, 2023. 

Apply Now

Learn More

 Student Advisory Cabinet Applications Open

The Texas Director’s Student Advisory Cabinet is a collaborative, engaged and diverse group of current student athletes who are ready to take on a leadership role and advise league leadership on the students’ perspective. Cabinet members will help shape the future of the League, advise on timely issues and advocate for the best interests of all students.

Applications close December 15!

Learn More and Apply

Teen Trail Corps

Presented by: Collin Hill

The Teen Trail Corps Program teaches student-athletes to give back to their sport by helping to maintain trails and develop relationships with land owners. Athletes can earn badges for stewarding or advocating for mountain biking in different ways.  


Presented by: Kevin de Miranda

NICA Adventure programming helps students discover the joy of biking and outdoor adventures. We use games and experiential education to help students challenge themselves at their own pace and develop a lifelong love of cycling. 

Visit the Trailhead for Coach Content

A space for NICA coaches to gather and gain knowledge, share stories, and hear the latest NICA coach news.

NICA Leader Jersey

2024 Primal Jersey Partnership

Our partners at Primal offer discounted rates for NICA teams and will be happy to help walk you through the process.

“Since 2010, Primal has been a sponsor of NICA at the
national and local levels, making a concerted effort to
support the initiative to expand high school mountain
biking across the US. We believe that the future of
cycling depends on the growth of youth participation
and cultivating avid riders.”

Order by November 23