DORBA North Texas Mountain Bike Festival – A Weekend to Remember!

The trails echoed with excitement, and the Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League was right in the heart of the action at the DORBA North Texas Mountain Bike Festival on October 21 and 22. It was a weekend filled with rides, community, and the spirit of adventure.

Adventure Games Galore!

Our young riders and adventurers dove headfirst into the thrill of the Adventure games, hosted by the Texas NICA team. These games showcased the skills, teamwork, and spirit of our student-athletes. There was no shortage of smiles, laughter, and cheering as participants took on exciting challenges.

League Information Session

Curious minds gathered around for our League Information Session, where we delved into the heart of Texas NICA. We shared our mission, values, and the incredible journey that awaits every rider. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with those eager to explore the world of interscholastic mountain biking.

Vendors from Across Texas

The festival was a vibrant hub of activity with vendors from all across the Lone Star State. From the latest biking gear to delicious local eats, the festival had it all. Riders and visitors had the chance to explore a wide range of products and connect with the Texas biking community.

Group Rides for All!

From beginners to seasoned riders, group rides catered to every skill level. Our diverse community of riders explored the North Texas trails, sharing the love of cycling and the outdoors.

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