#OneNICA: Uniting Teams, Celebrating Triumphs, and Shaping Community

OneNICA Student Story with four students.

Watch out world, we’ve been inspired! We’re launching a new #OneNICA hashtag thanks to THIS team – it was their idea!

One of the best things about NICA is how it brings this mountain bike community together – no matter what team you’re on. Next time you’re out riding with your friends from another school, tag it #OneNICA!

Student athlete Cannon Trevelise, put together a rockstar team for the 24 Hour Race in Warda (Terra Firma Racing‘s Bluff Creek Blowout). His team consisted of 3 close friends that are all from different National Interscholastic Cycling Association teams.

Team: Still Faster than Our Dads

  • Cannon Trevelise (Steiner Ranch MTB)
  • Xen Stranahan (Lake Travis MTB)
  • Ethan Jenkins (Heart of Texas MTB)
  • Andrew Wolff (Bulldogs MTB)

New course records

  • 1st Place in the 24 Hour 4 man team category
  • 34 laps completed (new course record)
  • 302 miles completed (new course record)
  • fastest lap set by Xen Stranahan (37:10) on his 9th lap

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