Single Track Times – November 6, 2023

Practice Season is Underway

Are you Practice Ready?

All riders need to be practice ready to participate in team practices. This means that the rider profile is complete, the electronic waivers have been signed, and the NICA and League fees have been paid. If you have not received your Pit Zone invite, check with your coach to make sure you were invited or to have the invite re-sent.

Once a rider is Practice Ready they can access their rider license as well as NICA Student-Athlete Benefits. Rider licenses are located on the family dashboard. Just sign into the NICA Pit Zone and click the Download License Document button. A link to NICA Benefits is listed on the Rider License.

Mountain Bike Race Registration Table

Are you interested in becoming more involved with the League?

We have a place for you!

If you are interested in any of these roles, please submit a statement of interest and your qualifications to 

Race Crew: It takes an entire crew to host Texas NICA races. Crew members get to be in the middle of the action and give back to the sport they love. A small stipend helps cover their race weekend expenses.

  • Trailer Hauler: Transports the League trailer to and from race venues. Must have a heavy-duty vehicle capable of hauling 12,000 lbs. Receives mileage reimbursement.
  • Operations Crew: Loads and unloads the race trailer and oversees setup of the venue.
  • Registration Assistant: Helps the registration manager check in athletes, answer race day questions and post results.
  • Staging Assistant: Helps the staging manager stage athletes prior to the start of their race.
  • Scoring Assistant: Helps the chief of scoring track racers and results.
  • Race Announcers: Provide color and commentary on race day. Manage the playlist and race announcements.

Committee Members: Committee’s are a subset of the Board. Members evaluate specific topics in detail and provide guidance to the Board and staff.

  • Finance and Fundraising Committee: Reviews league financials and budgets, raises funds.
  • Race and Venue Committee: Evaluates potential venues and advises on race structure and operations.
  • Rules Committee: Annually reviews league rules and provides suggested amendments, reviews rule and category petitions, handles elevated protests.
  • Safety Committee: Reviews league safety metrics and provides recommendations for improving safety outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning Committee: Guides long-range planning and programmatic offerings.
  • Team Enhancement Committee: Evaluates the League’s support of teams and provides guidance on enhancements to coach support.

College Funding Experts is supporting TX NICA by donating 200 dollars for every family that joins as a client. They help families prepare in every way possible for college and programs start in first grade – it’s never too early!

“We’re not talking about saving for college, we’re talking about saving on the COST of college. It’s more expensive than ever and it’s a whole different animal than when mom and dad were in college. Let us be your guide, and support your young racers at the same time! My name is Greg Stevens, the Director of Family Advocacy for College Funding Experts and a longtime mountain biker (since 1988!).”