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Coaches Resources

Coach Resources

Coaches are an essential component to successful mountain bike teams and we want to provide our support. Most coaches resources are located at the NICA Coaches Resources page, including the Team Starter Kit.

Coaches News

Important information about things like coach benefits, team sponsor deals, rule changes and race information are communicated via the Coaches eNews, an email newsletter. For the time being, coaches news is included in the Single Track Times newsletter. 

Texas Specific Resources

Coach Lanyards

NICA Texas Coach Lanyard

Race weekends can be packed with new faces and future best friends. Help other (parents/students/staff) at the races know who you are! Order yourself a few lanyards, edit our customizable name tag template and either print on heavy cardstock, or work with a local printer to make it official with plastic badges. 

The template can be modified in Canva with the creation of a free account. 

Race Day Lanyard

There are a lot of moving parts for every race weekend. We've created a template to help you keep your most information handy – from emergency phone numbers, to when your athletes need to arrive at staging. Spend less time looking for answers, and more time enjoying the race! 

The template can be modified in Canva with the creation of a free account. 

Trek Bike Giveaway Promotion Resources

Trek Give Away Poster MockUp

You can customize this poster template with your team's information. 

Trek Bike Give Away

Use this graphic for social media posts.

Trek Giveaway Post Card

Postcards can be customized and printed for your events or to put at local bike shops.  

Add this QR code to any team collateral. 

Race Day Communications


Official race day communications will be on hand-held radios. All teams should have at least one Rocky Talkie radio to receive real-time updates from race officials. While we do our best to provide updates on GroupMe and through PA announcements, those methods are not always available. Our partners at Talkie offer a 25% discount for all teams. Contact JJ for the discount code.

If your team has a financial hardship and cannot purchase a radio, contact the league director at

Team Radio Channels

The league has pre-assigned radio channels to teams across the Texas league in an effort to reduce as much cross-communication. The listed channels are by no means a requirement. They are a recommendation to avoid having 3 teams sharing a single channel. Please reach out to the Mr. Communications (Mike) if your team feels an alternative channel may work better for you. 

Channel           Team Name

6 (6)                 Texas League

16 (16)*           A&M Consolidated High School

18 (41, 32)       Alamo Heights Mules Cycling

20 (20)             Amarillo Interscholastic

2 (2)             Boerne 9ers (TWO10) Composite

4 (4)                 Bulldog HS Composite

4 (4)                 Bulldog HS Composite

4 (4)                 Bulldog MS Composite

15 (30)             Camacho Activity Center Composite

16 (16)*           College Station Composite

16 (16)*           College Station Composite Middle School

7 (14)               Dripping Springs Composite Mountain Bike Team MS

1 (1)                 East Texas Fresh Composite

8 (17)               Fort Worth Composite Middle School

21 (21)             Hays County Composite

3 (1)*               Heart of Texas Composite HS

3 (1)*               Heart of Texas Composite MS

22 (15)             Highland Park Scots Cycling

22 (22)             Houston Composite

                        Jesuit HS

15 (15)*           Lake Travis High School

15 (15)*           Lake Travis Middle Schools

4 (8)*               Laredo Comp MS

4 (8)*               Laredo Composite

                        Lopez Middle School

                        Midway High School

5 (2)*               North Austin Composite HS

5 (2)*               North Austin Composite MS

7                      North Texas NICA Cycling

2 (10)*             Reagan TWO10 HS

Other               San Marcos High School

17 (17)             South Metro Composite

17 (?)*             Steiner Ranch Composite HS

17 (?)*             Steiner Ranch Composite MS

1 (33)               Stephen F. Austin Mountain Bike Team

2 (10)*             TWO10 Comp MS

2 (10)*             TWO10 MTB Racing

5 (5)                 Vandegrift High School

18 (?)               West Houston Composite (Coyotes)

19 (19)*           Westlake High School Composite

19 (19)*           Westlake MS Composite

Home Team Volunteer Assignments

Races venues don’t get cleaned up on their own! We need your help! Teams that are the closest to each venue have been assigned as “home teams” and are expected to help with the infield cleanup process.

  • East Texas Fresh
  • Forth Worth Composite
  • North Texas Cycling West
  • Heart of Texas
  • Midway High School
  • North Austin Composite
  • White House High School
  • Bulldogs
  • Dripping Springs
  • St. Stephens
  • Stephen F. Austin
  • Boerne Composite
  • San Marcos High School
  • Comancho Activity Center
  • Amarillo Yellowjackets
  • Independent High School
  • North Texas Cycling
  • North Texas Cycling East
  • Highland Park
  • South Metro Cyclones
  • Houston Composite
  • West Houston Composite
  • Laredo Composite
  • A&M Consolidated
  • College Station Composite
  • Two10 Composite
  • Reagan Two10
  • Alamo Heights
  • Permian Basin
  • Lake Travis
  • Westlake 
  • Steiner Ranch
  • Vandergrift High School
  • Hays County Composite
  • Jack C. Hays High School


Contact the League

General league questions can be directed to or by filling out the form below. 

Please note that most staff arrive onsite Friday of each race weekend and may not have sufficient cell/data coverage to respond to calls/emails. Please plan accordingly.