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The Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League provides competitive and developmental mountain biking programs for students in grades 6 through 12. We are committed to  providing an inclusive environment, teaching safe riding practices and getting more kids on bikes.

Our Mission

The Texas Interscholastic Mountain Bike League works to establish and maintain safe, quality middle and high school mountain bike programs.

Our Values

  • Fun: NICA inspires friendship, joy, and adventure.
  • Inclusivity: NICA believes everyone should be able to participate in our programs and feel welcomed, respected and supported.
  • Equity: NICA is committed to fair treatment, equal access, opportunity, advancement and elimination of barriers to encourage participation for all.
  • Respect: NICA expects consideration for all others, oneself, and the outdoors.
  • Community: NICA unites diverse people, families and communities through cycling by creating fun and welcoming experiences.

Our Community

  • Provide students who have the desire to mountain bike with the coaching and camaraderie that will help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive goals in a safe and enjoyable manner.
  • Develop an awareness of what it is to be an athlete that is both gracious and respectful to their community.
  • Create an environment in which students may discover new friendships and find role models.
  • Guide students to learn new skills and disciplines, and establish the foundations of mountain bike racing.
  • Foster a responsible attitude toward the use of trails and wilderness. 
  • Promote the value of cycling to our community as a mode of transportation and a life-long sport. 

Important Dates